Shaw Contract Group offers a variety of carpet adhesive products for carpet tile installation. Our most revolutionary adhesive is LokDots – it will revolutionise the way you install carpet tiles.


LokDots is a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of EcoWorx carpet tile. This non-toxic and odorless system provides an alternative to wet adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and providing ease and versatility of installation.

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Shaw 1000

Shaw 1000 is a fast-tacking, solvent-free, ultra premium carpet adhesive for installing both direct glue down and double glue down commercial carpets. This adhesive has been specially designed to provide quick grab with fast wet suction and holding power for bonding the most difficult to install carpet backing.

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Shaw 3400

Shaw 3400 adhesive is an acrylic based floor covering carpet adhesive which contains antimicrobial agents and is specifically formulated for permanent installations of non porous backed carpets such as EcoWorx and EcoWorx Performance Broadloom. It is an environmentally friendly adhesive containing over 20% post consumer recycled materials.

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Shaw 5900

Shaw 5900 is water-based pressure sensitive adhesive designed for the installation of non-vinyl backed modular carpet tiles. This unique adhesive has outstanding performance for demanding installation in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hospitality, and food preparation centres.

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Shaw 8300

Shaw 8300 is a solvent-free carpet seam sealer, that provides a polymer fortified adhesive and is recommended for seaming all thermoplastic backed carpets.

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Shaw 9000

Shaw 9000 is a two-part base product specifically formulated for sealing pre-exisiting adhesive residue for cutback adhesives, multi-purpose adhesives, and pressure sensitive adhesives prior to installation of new floor covering with adhesive.

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Shaw 9050

Shaw 9050 Floor Primer is an acrylic solution made to neutralize excess alkali that is also recommended as a primer coat to prevent over absorption of adhesive and to ensure a better bond. Formulated with an antimicrobial agent, it provides protection against bacteria, fungi, and mildew in the wet or dry state.

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Medi+BarrierTM Antimicrobial Floor Sealer is a high performance, water based, interior floor sealer that is optimized for use in aged, health and childcare environments as it is formulated to resist microbial growth and urine odour. Medi+Barrier is formulated specifically for use with Shaw Contract Group’s impermeable EcoWorx Performance Broadloom carpet and EcoWorx Tile.

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SureTac PSI

SureTac PSI is a high performance, permanently pressure sensitive, interior carpet tile adhesive that has minimal impact on the environment. SureTac PSI is formulated to be applied to Shaw Contract Group high performance carpet tiles made using the environmentally innovative EcoWorx backing. Its unique formula means that carpet tiles installed using SureTac PSI can be removed and replaced as often as required while retaining its pressure sensitive characteristics for the lifetime of the carpet.

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