Now there’s a smarter way to install carpet tiles.

LokDots carpet tile adhesive is a system of pressure sensitive adhesive dots and a lightweight, hand held applicator that will revolutionise the way you install carpet tiles.

Designed for EcoWorx carpet tiles, LokDots is a non-toxic, low VOC alternative to traditional wet adhesives that makes installation easy in the most demanding spaces.


Application and Installation Benefits

The unique LokDots applicator is lightweight, durable and ergonomically safe for repetitive use. It requires no maintenance and little training.The intuitive LokDots system requires minimal floor preparation enabling flexible installation.

LokDots allows carpet tile to be installed at pH 12 and 95% RH, saving on remediation in high moisture applications. LokDots eliminates the mess, curing time and odours of typical wet adhesives giving your clients immediate occupancy without disruption.

And you can use LokDots carpet tile adhesive on virtually any surface…concrete, terrazzo, timber, VCT, VAT, raised access floors… even over pressure sensitive and multipurpose adhesives.


Fast, efficient, easy

  1. Reduces floor prep time and cost
  2. Odourless, non toxic, low VOC adhesive
  3. Can be used in occupied spaces
  4. Easy to use applicator, little training required
  5. Ideal for high moisture environments
  6. Uses 97% less material than wet adhesives



Performance and specifications

More than two million square yards of LokDots are installed on six continents in healthcare, education, corporate, retail and government applications.


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