BKM Headquarters and Showroom by Hollander Design Group

BKM Headquarters and Showroom by Hollander Design Group

Location: La Jolla, USA
Segment: Medium Office
Products Used: Openwork Collection in Bias Tile, Uncommon Ground LVT

Transcending Trends

Hollander Design Group have created the new headquarters and showroom for BKM, who are located in San Diego USA.

“Place Matters” is at core of the culture of this successful furniture dealership. This working showroom transcends trends and features both traditional and progressive workspaces. A focus on the design is to support each individual as well as the organisation as a whole, in the need for both focus and collaboration.

Visitors are drawn through the space on an intentional path which tells the story of community and the changing workplace. Whimsical art displays are found throughout the space including an art installation created by chair casters. This “chair caster wall” represents a location map of BMK’s clients, and is the backdrop for the Presentation Stage. Innovative technology has also been utilised through a wall of 3D printed chairs, which provides the backdrop for the Work Cafe & Lounge. A place for display, work and play immerse both visitor and staff in the company’s vision and culture of connecting the workplace to business objectives and goals.

Both a Showroom and Gathering Place

“While the space is designed to be both a showroom and the company’s headquarters, what the client really wanted was a gathering place for the community” Hollander Design Group have revealed.

“To accommodate this, sixty percent of the footprint is dedicated to amenity and communal space. Individual assigned space is intentionally compressed to encourage activity and movement throughout the building. The result provides a wide spectrum of varied spaces in which to work and socialise accommodating different work modes and personalities. From a practical perspective the space also addresses the need for flexibility. Demountable walls and raised flooring is used to allow for easy reconfiguration”.

Sustainable Standards

Employing sustainable practices was a key focus in the overall approach from Hollander Design Group. They have created a space that supports employee comfort, productivity, well-being and also a desire to be socially responsible.

The space has been upgraded to California’s stringent and forward thinking sustainability codes that meet or exceed USGBC’s standards. Great attention has also been placed on bringing the outside in. Views and connection to the exterior were critical in the planning of the space, and living green walls were installed throughout creating a bright and airy environment.

Using Shaw Contract

According to Hollander Design Group, the flooring selection was a critical component in the design of this project. Since the space is used as both a showroom as well as the company’s workspace, the flooring needed to provide a neutral backdrop and accommodate the ever changing furniture installations with multiple fabrics and finishes. Shaw Contract carpet tiles are used in majority of the space in a neutral grey palette, which was the ideal solution to provide both richness and flexibility.

Congratulations Hollander Design Group for your winning project in the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards!


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