EcoSolution Q is a premium branded commercial carpet fibre used in more than 90% of Shaw Contract Group products.

Eco Solution Q is manufactured with recyclable Type 6 Nylon and is used in all our Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver carpet products. Eco Solution Q is designed to sustain and offers the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance.


Performance and Specifications

Industry-leading strength. And style.

Engineered for performance and durability, EcoSolution Q performs in commercial spaces around the globe. It offers the largest denier per filament and highest tensile strength in the market.

Backed by industry leading warranties, EcoSolution Q is available in more than 200 solution and yarn dyed colours.

In other words, EcoSolution Q is a fibre built to meet the highest expectations for style – and quality.

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Reclamation and Recycling

Assessed and Optimized for health and safety.

At the end of its useful life, EcoSolution Q can be recycled through Shaw’s innovative recycling processes.

Our portfolio includes infrastructure to reprocess materials for re-use in the carpet industry and a broad range of external applications.

When combined with EcoWorx backing, products constructed of EcoSolution Q offer guaranteed reclamation and recycling.

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Fibre Expertise

Continuous innovation from the world’s largest carpet fibre producer.

As a part of Shaw Industries, Inc., the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Contract Group leverages its considerable infrastructure and capital resources to produce a fibre that meets the needs of today’s corporate office, healthcare, education and retail environments. Shaw is vertically integrated, allowing it to control nylon polymerization, fibre extrusion, production and cost of its products, without sacrificing performance and style.

Through its acquisitions of the fibre divisions of AMOCO, Honeywell and BASF, Shaw can produce over 1.1 billion pounds of fibre for its residential and commercial business, making it the largest carpet fibre manufacturer in the world. Shaw embraces continual innovation in its manufacturing through significant investments to increase the quality and capacity of its carpet and fibre producing capabilities.

The leaders within Shaw’s fibre division are veterans of the fibre industry, averaging over 17 years experience in carpet and fibre research and development. This group’s fibre science experts include Ph.D.s in polymer and textile chemistry, chemical engineers and Six Sigma experts.

Shaw utilizes over 40 fibre and fibre production patents related to producing its fibre and yarns. Vertical integration, capital investment and expert leadership give EcoSolution Q a competitive advantage.