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Spaces by people for people.

Shaw Contract delivers new and innovative flooring solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of diverse market segments and applications around the globe. We are committed to providing best in class service and design across our range of flooring products. Combining market expertise across workplace healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, and institutional settings, we tailor our products to meet the unique demands of these settings.

Workplace Projects

Workplace Projects

Shaw Contract has provided flooring solutions for workplace environments for over 40 years. Through the many evolutions of the workspace we’ve partnered with our clients to provide products and tailored solutions, designed with the dynamic needs of each space in mind.

As workplace interiors continue to evolve so do we. In recent years hospitality and residential influences have changed the way spaces are used and we’ve created new products to provide cozy collaborative areas. Activity based workspaces continue to gain share and hard surface has taken on new roles in the modern office. We work closely with customers around the globe to ensure the products we create are tailored to the diverse workplace needs.

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education Projects

Education Projects

We believe the physical environment is indeed the “Third Teacher” and has tremendous impact on educational outcomes. The floor plays an important role in learning environments, creating spaces that are quiet, inspiring, safe and comfortable for both students and teachers. We design durable carpet and hard surface options for a range of education spaces; classrooms, corridors, libraries, athletic facilities, student housing… everywhere learning happens.

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healthcare Projects

Healthcare Projects

Shaw Contract provides a broad range of flooring options designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare environments. We design products to support healthcare – creating a positive, low stress, safe experience for patients and employees. Our products are made with fibres, backings and finishes that are durable and easily maintained.

Evidence Based Design principles are considered while developing our products, using research to influence pattern, colour and finish selections. Shaw Contract products also contribute to a safe and comfortable environment through improved acoustics and comfort under foot. Carpet tile, Broadloom, LVT and Resilient sheet collections, made by design, elevating health and wellness.

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aged care Projects

Aged Care Projects

Shaw Contract is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of Senior Living Communities. Through evidence-based research, we design flooring products and programs to create beautiful, functional spaces that provide residents the ability to thrive.

Shaw Contract provides a broad range of flooring options for public spaces and living areas. We focus on flooring solutions for all levels of care ranging from independent and assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care. Our vast range of flooring products enhance any space with durable and easily maintained design foundations.

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retail Projects

Retail Projects

Brick and mortar retailers take advantage of the one thing consumers crave but just can’t satisfy from virtual browsing – the physical experience of shopping. And as you design for the target audience of your location, let the floor firm the design foundation in retail environments.

Whether it’s specialty apparel boutiques to grocery stores; salons to large-format mass merchants, Shaw Contract has a wide variety of floor covering choices including carpet tile, broadloom, and hard surface options for any retail need.

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public space Projects

Public Space Projects

Design creates community and Shaw Contract has the product and expertise to provide solutions across the spectrum of public space including libraries, airports, convention centres and government offices.

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hospitality Projects

Hospitality Projects

At Shaw Contract we believe in the impact of design, and we are enamored in the process of all that we do. We approach hospitality design in authentic and meaningful ways and believe that “process” is inclusive and touches everyone who touches our product. We all play a role — collaborating in smart, meaningful ways with a singular mission: to improve how people relax, play, work, learn, heal and live.

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