reThink LVT

Made to Perform.

Combining hard surface durability with soft surface aesthetics, reThink woven LVT is a hybrid floor covering that weaves utilitarian purpose with textile appeal. In the creation of this collection, our design team set out to rethink the way we use materials and construct flooring, weaving the boundary between hard and soft.

Layered for strength and fused into a single solid surface, reThink is constructed to resist stains and scuffing. The ExoGuard Quartz Enhanced Urethane finish prevents fraying and creates a barrier that stops spills and dirt from penetrating the woven fabric, making clean up easier. A stabilizing composite layer ensures product integrity.

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Material driven, reThink is a woven textile LVT that focuses on the structure of the fabric combining hard surface durability and soft surface aesthetic. Our exclusive ExoGuard™ quartz enhanced urethane finish creates a barrier on top making clean up easier and a fused surface to help prevent fraying.

Colour Palette

ReThink LVT is a unique aesthetic which is available in 8 neutrals with 4 colour pops.