Surface and Strand Resilient Collection


Concrete characteristics. Linear stone. These are the subtle visuals of Surface and Strand, two 18×36 resilient designs.

Mix styles and add scale. Bring an air of composed balance to architectural spaces. The 0.5mm wear layer is perfect for heavy commercial traffic and the improved surface finish minimizes scuffing, for enhanced performance and durability.

Designed to be a quiet moment within an architectural space, Surface and Strand are two new, large format resilient styles featuring subtle visuals that help achieve balance within the design aesthetic. This resilient collection brings predictable, consistent colour across the floor. A calm palette of warm and cool hues appeals to any application, with six shades of Surface, and ten shades of Strand. DESIGN IS SOLID.


This concrete visual features minimal embossing to mimic the inherent characteristics of concrete but with more predictable and consistent colour across the floor.
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This linear stone visual also features minimal embossing to reflect natural characteristics and provide consistency of wash and colour.
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Specs & Construction

Surface and Strand is a heavy commercial grade Luxury Vinyl Plank constructed with a 0.5mm wear layer and an added antimicrobial. Finished with our exclusive ExoGuard™ quartz enhanced urethane, Surface and Strand does not require polish for simple maintenance and is manufactured with high levels of recycled content.

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