Three high performance backings to meet your every need:

  1. EcoWorx tile
  2. EcoWorx broadloom
  3. EcoWorx performance broadloom

All backed with an environmental guarantee for free reclamation and recycling. This PVC-free, Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM backing system offers a lifetime commercial warranty and proven performance in more than 500,000 projects across 80 countries worldwide.


Backing with Environmental Advantage

All of our high-performance EcoWorx carpet backings offer significant environmental advantages:

  • Designed to be safe and sustainable, EcoWorx provides ingredient transparency through Cradle to Cradle Certification™ at the Silver Level and other measures, including Health Product Declarations and Declare Registration. Learn more >
  • Uses 40% less energy to produce than traditional carpet tile.
  • Weighs 40% less than traditional carpet tile – making it more efficient to transport and easier to install.
  • This product can be recycled*.
  • Low VOCs – meeting the requirements for Green Label Plus certification.
  • All EcoWorx tile products are and GECA certified and achieve a Green Star ‘Level A’ product rating according to the Green Building Council of Australia. Learn more >
  • High performance sustainability at no additional cost.
  • Environmental guarantee for free reclamation & recycling. Learn more >



Guaranteed reclamation and recycling

EcoWorx products are backed with an Environmental Guarantee. It’s our way of saying, “We want it back.”

Australia & New Zealand Guarantee: Shaw will transport and recycle EcoWorx tile or EcoWorx broadloom carpet at no cost to you. Carpet recycling EcoWorx is easy and hassle-free, making it easy for you to recycle your used carpet, saving valuable time and money on landfill fees.


For more information and to arrange for recycling of EcoWorx carpet products, call 1800 556 302.

Download recycling guidelines >



Performance and Specifications

All EcoWorx products offer a lifetime commercial warranty against edge ravel, zippering, delamination, and moisture degradation to ensure product integrity throughout their entire use.

When Shaw Contract Group introduced EcoWorx tile in 1999, it set a new standard for carpet tile performance. EcoWorx tile is the strongest, most durable tile backing with five times the tensile strength, eight times the tear strength and two times the delamination strength of traditional PVC-backed tiles.

Within five years of its introduction, customers self-selected EcoWorx technology as its preferred backing of choice.

Extending this durable and sustainable backing to the broadloom market, Shaw Contract Group now offers three high-performance EcoWorx products to meet your every need: EcoWorx tile, EcoWorx broadloom and EcoWorx performance broadloom.

Download EcoWorx Tile Specification >

Download EcoWorx Tile Warranty >

Download EcoWorx Broadloom Specification >

Download EcoWorx Broadloom Warranty >

Download EcoWorx Performance Broadloom Specification >

Download EcoWorx Performance Broadloom Warranty >