Eco Solution Q premium branded carpet fibre nylon lets you do the right thing for the world.

With 25% recycled content and minimized use of raw materials, it helps ensure a sustainable future. That’s the Shaw Green Edge!

So, what do you get in return?

  • Over 200 brilliant colours from which to choose – from bright saturated colours to a full spectrum of neutrals.
  • Exceptional performance, backed by an unsurpassed warranty covering colourfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants, stain, Standard Fading Units (SFU), abrasive wear and static
  • One of the largest DPFs (denier per filament) in the industry at 24, as well as the strongest tensile strength.
  • Carpet fibre from a manufacturer that understands the demands placed on carpet – Shaw guarantees quality at each step of the process, from raw material to delivery of your carpet.
  • A product that has been optimised through the MDBC Design Protocol, ensuring it is safe for human health and the environment.