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Test Results | Shaw Contract Group commercial flooring

Shaw Contract Group’s carpet tile, broadloom and resilient flooring products constantly undergo a wide range of testing and below are the most common categories. Under each category we have provided a variety of results ready for downloading. If you are not able to find what you are looking for or require a specific test please contact us.


The flammability characteristics of building materials, interior finishes, and furnishings are important in protecting human life and property from fire. Such properties greatly influence whether these materials ignite and how they affect the rate at which a fire might spread. We offer the flammability test results for an extensive range of our carpet and vinyl products.
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Light Reflectance

The light reflectance testing of floor coverings will assist with the planning of efficient lighting and other finishings. We offer the light reflectance results for a range of carpet tile colours.
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Slip Resistance

 At Shaw Contract Group not only do we provide carpet tile, broadloom and resilient products that are beautiful to look at they are also safe for their intended use. Our products are tested for slip resistance under a number of conditions.
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Sound Absorption

 The acoustic treatment of floors in any building needs to be considered in relation to a range of factors. We have conducted testing on our most popular products.
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Indoor Air Quality

All Shaw Contract Group our products are developed to positively contribute to safe and healthy spaces. Our products are testing by the most stringent international standard for indoor air quality.
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Moisture Control

 Our most popular carpet tile and broadloom products have been tested for moisture control under two different methods – the British Spill Test and the Moisture Penetration under Dynamic Crush Test.
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Performance Results

 All Shaw Contract Group products are engineered to perform under the demands of their environment while still retaining their appearance. The test results for a range of our carpet tile products are available.
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